About us

"Being in the forefront" and "quality and service" are the answers our customers always receive.

Being in the forefront for us means ongoing research into new materials and technologies, to make products that enable you to stand out from the crowd, in a constant endeavour to maintain and upgrade what we all have in common: our planet.

Safe printing materials and articles made from biodegradable materials are our recipes. We are a young and dynamic company equipped with all technological and computer systems which, only if used with a passion for all new proposals and trends, ensure that a tag is not just a tag but an expression of all the work behind the product to which it is affixed.

We enjoy working with our customers and not only for them. The quality of our service comes to the fore precisely when market demand calls for special attention to shipment of goods and product safety. Bar codes, printed plastic bags, including with special fastenings, and holographic inserts on labels and tags.

Experience is what has made Eventex a reliable and not only trendy company.